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For our anniversary with our partner we went downtown to a vegan cafe, which is not my thing in terms of the food (I like meat, lots of meat, and some starch to ballast it with), but they had a really amazing beer list, with like 15 things on tap, which blew my mind. So being a sensible person, I had a small plate of food, and a beer flight, which is a fancy way of saying they gave me five small (3oz) glasses of different beers so I could try a lot of them.

The five I had were arranged from light to dark:

1. Sunshine Mead, which was mostly for Cass since she has this crazy honey fixation. It was dry and sweet and just fine but did not make me pass out with joy.

2. Trade Winds Tripel, a golden Belgian ale with a great kind of creamy mouthfeel.

3. Deschutes Mirror Mirror -- I am pretty fond of Deschutes beers, I visited their brewery once long ago, and this one was fantastic. It's a gorgeous glowing dark brown colour, it smelled fantastic, and it tasted like malt. I'm not good at this fancy description thing, which is why I'm linking the actual reviews, but I think this was my favourite of the five. Sadly it looks like a 22oz bottle of this guy costs about $15, so I'm not sure if I'll be picking any up for home.

4. Duchesse De Bourgogne - Brouwerij Verhaeghe. This is a sour beer, which I have never had before, and to me the words 'sour beer' sound totally disgusting. My favourite beers are cream stouts, so I like them heavy and bittersweet and creamy, and a sour beer isn't any of those things. The thing is, this was actually great -- it tasted like sour cherry (real sour cherry, not mass produced candy flavour), it had an incredible bite to it, and I could really imagine how great it'd be after a few hours of doing work in the sun. It's exactly what you'd want when you're hot, sweaty, and knocking off for the day. But the awesome thing about it was that it was also really good sitting in a sketchy vegan cafe in mid-evening after eating Thai curry.

5. Narwhal Imperial Stout was the beer I was expecting to be my favourite, since I love stouts, and IIRC it was on nitro, which changes the mouthfeel to make it smoother and more creamy, and as established above, I love that. This was definitely very, very good, and it really balanced out the flight, but to my surprise I liked the Mirror Mirror a lot more.

So, yeah, beer. After the vegan place we went to a different pub and Bryn got her alarming Campfire Stout, which was pretty good, although by that point we were fairly drunk from the flight, since while it was only 15oz of beer total, some of them were pretty high alcohol by volume. I'd like to go back to both places sometime soon, try more beers, and maybe eat the duck fat french fries from the 2nd bar. Or the poutine, although I'm betting it doesn't compare to the place we went in Montreal.
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