Jun. 22nd, 2014 03:25 pm
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It is June! Our garden is full of tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini and peppers and sunflowers. There is also some corn but it is being crowded out by the sunflowers and we never did thin it (the corn) because there was just too much else going on.

Things have been busy and very stressful; the staff at our daughter's preschool failed pretty badly to handle some issues she was having with other kids -- by which I do not mean that they did something wrong, they just ignored it as long as possible, then tried to make it a situation between the parents (which it is not, the parents are NOT THERE so how is it something they can manage?) and then went back to not doing anything. So we pulled her from that school (where she was going to be for the summer before starting kindergarten) and enrolled her in this really neat looking Montessori summer program which is just opening (so cheaper than a Montessori would usually be) and will take kids as young as her little brother, so they can go to school together. Which means free time for us when both kids are in school, plus our son really needs more stimulation and social time than he gets at home, he is very high-energy and very extroverted and totally ready to start being in a preschool setting.

Wonderful, yes? Except the Montessori didn't actually have their license yet, and so the first day of their program came and went and they couldn't open! And we'd already pulled our daughter from her previous place, plus even if we hadn't I'm not sure it would have been good to keep putting up with it, so -- both kids were home with us all week last week. It was crazy. We really love our kids, and some of us really love being parents (I don't dislike it, but, well, I'm 14, in my own personal individual life I would not be having kids yet), but parenting 12 hours a day every day all week is just overwhelming. Thursday & Friday the Montessori opened for morning drop-in play, and that helped a lot since it gave the kids something to do, but still, it was just an energy-sucking week with the kids alone, plus some drama-y stuff going on with our partner.

The weekend has helped a lot, we have had some good down time, and some fun with our partner, and just now a lot of gardening. The kids are in the bath right now, and when our son is done we'll go wash our daughter's hair and then she'll make a pizza with her dad and we'll all have homemade pizza for dinner (well, not homemade crust although we're working up to that) and put the kids to bed, and then an online date for people, and probably a reasonably early bedtime since the Montessori still doesn't have their license (next week, they hope, but they don't know) and so we will need lots of energy to parent again. And I am not even getting into all the errands we have to get done without the kids along (DMV, doctor, dentist, a few other big ones) which are making Sean crazy annoyed because she was going to do them last week and now they are on hold. Our partner will stay home and take the kids if he has to, but he is in a hugely busy time at his work, so right now it is looking like we will have to spend his early-July mandatory vacation running errands while he does childcare, instead of the previous hope which is that they would both be in school and we would have some actual couple time. Who knows, though! I am trying to be hopeful about the place getting their license ASAP but right now I am just sick of being disappointed.

Still, it is nice having vegetables in the garden.

Date: 2014-06-23 09:22 am (UTC)
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Argh. I hope the Montessori people are able to sort out their licence problem soon. What a mess!

Date: 2014-06-26 12:51 pm (UTC)
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God no wonder you guys are tired, that sounds utterly exhausting. I hope they get their licence sorted soon.

But yay for vegies in your garden *smiles*


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