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I was talking to people in comments (how nice that people comment! thank you!) about United States of Tara and had my own little revelation that part of what seemed off to me about her system is that the people in it were not being but instead they were performing. T and Buck and Alice do not just go live themselves, they perform themselves, and of course they do, because it is an actress playing characters for television. But I do wonder if as the show went on she (and the writers) started to find the difference and to tone it down some -- although I do not wonder it enough to watch the rest of the show.

But yes, while we do have clothes we like and stuff, we try to live the life that is in front of us in the moment, so David is nudging me and nudging me and I think he is going to come front and make lunch because it is true, we should eat lunch, I have been on the computer a long hour. But he is not going to go upstairs and put on jeans to do it (we are wearing a dress Cassandra really likes, it is blue and some other colours and very comfortable), because it is a waste of time when what he really wants is to eat lunch. He does not need to go dress like a boy to be here and himself, because he is himself even if he is not performing Davidness.

And now we should really go eat lunch before the baby wakes up!
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