Oct. 29th, 2014 01:21 pm
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We are just back from five days in Chicago with our online-except-once-a-year SOs ([personal profile] avalon_storm & others in her system)! I want to write about it but it is so big that it is hard to know what to say, and I think a lot of people are not ready to say anything yet. Except it is not big like an awful thing or one really good thing, it is just big like really, really living life, which is something we are still not very good at yet. But for five days in Chicago we did it.

Now we are home. It is always hard saying goodbye, and coming back in to everyday life, with all the things for the kids and for our partner and everything. We got back late last night and I looked at some stuff but we were so tired it was better to sleep, and then this morning it was a rush, we had to figure out the school picture forms due today, and none of our daughter's homework had gotten turned in, and on and on like that. Some people are pretty angry at our partner for letting it slip even though it is not a crisis, she is so little nobody really cares when her homework gets turned in. I am not sure what I think myself. I do not mind people making mistakes -- well, I might mind but everyone does it, it is not that big of a deal most of the time. But with our partner, he never knows why, he is just very confused, like, oh, I thought that had gotten done. And it is infuriating (even if I don't feel it like a feeling) because he has his job and he is very good at it and things do not slip like this at his work or he would not be so successful in his career. So it comes back around to feeling like, well, he does not take parenting seriously, it is not really 'his' job and he doesn't feel like he has to stay on top of it because he knows we'll come fix it. Of course we are his partner, we will come fix it if we have to, but he ought to be trying to make sure we don't have to, not doing half of what has to happen and not worrying about the rest because we'll take care of it.

So I guess I am angry. :-)

I am going to try to get back into the habit of writing here, and then maybe other people will, too. It is annoying that there are so many hard times of the year because of the stupid past, but I think we went a little too deep into the wrong kind of quiet lately. At least for me talking here helps.


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