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Ooof, the body is not happy today, although it is hard to figure out exactly what it is not liking. Our partner was very kind and stayed home this morning and took our daughter to school and all of those other necessary things so we could sleep, which we did for about 3 hours very deeply. Now we are awake, and have had some toast and water and coffee, but there is still a pretty bad headache and a sort of weird nausea that is more in our head than our stomach. It is not a big deal but it is annoying. Sean thinks we're just bouncing back from not sleeping much in October, and not eating in any kind of rhythm for a while -- and Sean might be right! I do not know, but I hope it clears up soon.

I got two new dresses in Chicago (well, one is for me, one is for Cassandra), and I will take pictures of them and post them when there is time. Mine is red and really easy to move around in; it will be good for most of the year out here as long as I find a sweater or jacket or something for evenings. Oh! Also Avalon gave us a dress for a birthday gift, but I have not tried it on yet. It is very nice, it is black and white striped but thin stripes; some of our inside kids are calling it our zebra dress.

Now that I am not angry at our partner any more I am mostly just sad our vacation is over and people are so far away and that there was not more time, which is silly because it really was a lot of time, and of course it cannot be forever. But more time would have been nice. We are missing our LDSOs very much right now. It is a new thing to be with them in the body for so long, and it is wonderful, but then it is a hard transition to go back to words and shared space -- well, that is not exactly true, it is not hard to do, but it feels like going from being a flower that is blooming to being back underground again, very very squished and there is no sunlight. (Rereading that hours later I was conflating things, it is not being in words with our SOs which is the squished, it is coming back into this house we live in where there is not a lot of space to be right now. Being in words with our SOs is not as good as being in the body with them but it is still very good.) It is going to rain here tomorrow which will help, yes I know that probably doesn't make sense... well, in Chicago it was really autumn even though we had some warm days and that is very opening and then back here where we live, it is all drought and heat and dying trees and some people feel it very deep into them. So a good day of rain might make it less like a closed flower.

This is not one of my better posts, I think it is too lateral (I got that word from Shandra, it is a good word), but Halloween is tomorrow so it is just a lateral time. I am glad to be writing, anyway. I hope in a few more days the space changes and then I (we) can write about Chicago for real, it was pretty amazing, even the little bits of confusion or arguing or not being able to find the train station were very real.
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