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I do keep meaning to update here but there is always something, and it has been another of those times where there is a lot of weight of ... well, I was going to write silence, but actually it is the reverse, it is the weight of noise. Parenting involves a lot of talking, a lot of meaningless talking in that you have to remind the kids to say please and thank you and ask them if they need more milk and say (like fifty times) 'Yes, I see that! Yes, that is a good picture! Yes, I see that you are wearing red! Yes, that is a car!' and so on and so forth. Okay, obviously it is not meaningless underneath, we are being present with our kids and letting them know that we are there seeing them and understanding them and caring about their lives. But it is tiring, even for people like me and Sean who are extroverts, and for the introverts it is exhausting down to the bone and it never stops for good, it just pauses while they sleep. And of course our partner needs our time and attention too, and our housemate needs to talk to us about why there are bananas next to the trash can, and so on and so forth, just - always. So when a time comes when none of that is happening even though I am really pretty lonely and have a lot of things to say for myself about me and would like to talk to other people in an adult way, the words are all gone and we just want to sit and read or watch TV or sleep until the next time we have to make the stream of validation for our kids again.

So that is why it is so quiet here. But I think it is not serving me to just lie down under all that noise and let it make silence, so I am posting anyway. Also I am trying to write an actual piece of Professional Email which is ridiculously difficult and posting here makes it easier, so there might be 15 posts today, we will see. :-)


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