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After a false start at our more typical cafe, we are back at the one with foam frogs, although today it was a bear, which is also very cute. The typical one has many nice features but this morning it was really, really noisy, and full of Men In Suits talking about important stuff very loudly and that was just not what I wanted. So I came here, which is smaller and more expensive but I like the music they play a lot -- I do not know how to categorise it, it is jazz but the kind with people singing beautifully and soulfully, maybe torch songs? Anyway, it is lovely, and the space is more open and the energy lower-down than the other place was today. Also I like that they serve the coffee in real china; we have been getting medium honey vanilla lattes, and it comes in this gorgeous blue mug with indigo flowers on it that Cassandra loves. We looked to see if we could buy them online and they are Ralph Lauren and $50 for a set of four, so no, but it does explain why this place is more expensive. :-)

Oh the song they are playing right now I actually know, it is Rosemary Clooney singing "As Time Goes By". Well, whatever genre that is, that is what they play here.

I am going to do a separate reading post because otherwise it will get way too long.

Date: 2015-03-07 12:20 pm (UTC)
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Oooh the china sounds so beautiful!

It's nice to see you guys posting more often :-)


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