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I watched the first two episdoes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix yesterday because I was told that the main character was a lot like me, and um... well, I was all ready to be offended by this, but no, she kind of is. I do not wear a yellow sweater all the time, though. :-) But it is a very funny show, and while it is a comedy and just skips over lots of things which would really happen (how much scared there would be in the open sky and learning to move your body and talk to people and all of that) it actually touches some things really nicely -- what it is like to be in the world after years of being out of it, the way PTSD is for some people, where really things are very ordinary on the surface but sometimes your reactions are slightly off-kilter because your normal is so very different from other people's normal. Being multiple it is easier for all of us because we have each other to check against, although that can also go a bad way where it ends up being really constricted and nobody lets anyone talk in case the honest reactions are too weird.

There is a bit in the first episode where someone tells Kimmy that they want to protect her, and she says, "Protect me from what? The worst thing that ever happened to me happened in my front yard." And I have been thinking about that a lot. I have had some worst in the past, not a lot, but some. I am sure life could do more worst to me, it probably will just because I plan to be alive for a long time and do a lot of things. But I am not willing to quit being alive and only do really careful safe things and never talk to people and pretend not to exist to avoid feeling bad, and it just makes me so, so sad how many people I know who do try not to exist much at all. Sad for them because they are not living their lives, and sad for the world because the world needs people who are alive to live in it.

Anyway, I liked the show a lot; I hope the rest of the episodes keep being both funny and true. I wish we could skip over the learning how to be in the open sky part, though, like they do in the show. :-)
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