Jul. 12th, 2014

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I watched some of The United States of Tara last night, which was interesting... somehow I feel a little bit guilty about it, like I did something I was not supposed to & I am going to get into trouble if I'm caught, which is very silly. But anyway, it was interesting for itself too. It was a lot more like seeing a real multiple than I was expecting, despite being over the top in all sorts of ways (who changes clothes every time they come out? where would you find the time?), and I am finding the next morning my biggest reaction is that I want to sit down with her system and have a Serious Conversation with them about a lot of their parenting choices (which are just horrible, wow) and how Tara needs to get co-con ASAP and a bunch of other stuff that I would not actually say uninvited to another human being because it is not any of my business, but with a fictional character it's different. I am I think kind of bothered that it got under my skin that much, that I am a little bit thinking of these people like they are real and out there.

There were two things that seemed off to me, from the bits I watched which were just pieces of episodes that looked interesting, not the entire 3 seasons. The first and really big one is the idea medication suppresses switching. This might MAYBE be true for some multiples with some medication, but is not A Thing, like nobody goes in for treatment for a dissociative disorder and gets handed pills for it, it is just a side effect some systems experience from anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills. So I get why they made that up to make the show work, because otherwise how is Tara so totally unaware of the rest of her system? But it was really stupid.

The second thing, which did not bother me but seemed very unrealistic, is that nobody in her system is trying to hide. None of them had any shame about themselves, and oh, that sounds awful, I am not saying they deserved to, just... I have never met a system (and both in person and online we have met quite a few!) that didn't at least START by trying desperately to hide that they were multiple. For everyone in her system to just come out and change into their preferred clothes and use their own names and expect to be totally accepted, rather than trying to hide, was very interesting but it did not seem real to me. After all, in the show they were there to protect from trauma, and it is not a very good protection to be like 'Oh hi I am so-and-so let me go change into my clothes!' Thinking about it more... I think the people who wrote it forget that trauma-based multiplicity is a survival strategy, and so the kinds of things which happen in the later episodes to make things embarassing and hard for the family, are not really very likely to happen because there is nothing conducive to survival in switching like that.

Hmn, also, it was weird to me that her system did not know about each other or relate to each other very much, although that might have happened in parts I didn't know about. But then again, having been on that support forum back during the winter, I found out that LOTS and LOTS of systems are like that, where nobody talks to anybody or connects to anybody else inside. Maybe it is a thing that happens in a particular sort of trauma? Or if the trauma is fairly contained in time, like a few years and then it stops?


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