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I feel for Bryn; it's a pain not getting much downtime, and there's always someone who Really Needs It (or so it seems) so there's not a lot of space right now to just spread out and relax. And unlike most of us, she doesn't remember the horrible time crunch when our daughter was this age (around 18 months) so while we're all promising her it'll get better soon, the gut feel is that she will never have fun again.

As for me, my first attempt to join a roller derby intake team failed on my contact person never responding to any emails after they got my (legal, very common) name spelled wrong on the insurance paperwork. But tomorrow I'm going to try going to the 80s night at the local roller rink and see if I actually really do still like to skate... or if I end up pushed out of the way by hordes of kids who are reliving our glorious roller-skating youth. Either one would be cool, I think. If I have a good time with it, maybe I'll fill out the intake paperwork again and see if whoever my contact person is this time actually stays in contact.

As is probably coming across here, I'm not in a great mood. Mid-April, ugh. System politics (or lack of politics), ugh. Relationship stress with our partner, ugh. But despite being set to a default of 'pissy' things are pretty good... I'm just not in a place where I can appreciate them. (And how much does it annoy me that Cassandra is? That, like, she is turning into some sort of Buddhist zen person who floats through the days in a cloud of peace or some kind of bs? You have absolutely no idea how much this annoys me, trust me. Unless you're Lexi.)

We had another playdate with the woman who does not talk. She did talk a little more this time, mostly at the beginning, but the responses were still way off normal. Probably not neurotypical in some form or fashion, which is just fine for the occasional playdate, but I don't think we're going to end up friends; I am an athletic extrovert in a system of artistic daydreamy introverts, and I don't have the energy or interest to try to make a relationship when it's going to be a constant uphill push.

Let's see, what else? I want ribs. We tried to go to the midwestern rib food truck yesterday -- well, we did go, but when we got there they were out of ribs. I sort of threw up my hands in disgust (not a good trait, I think I need to work on that) and Cass ended up out and then she & Fai got poutine and had a bizarre conversation with the woman working in the truck who had awesome electric blue streaked hair and had decided that because we were reading Anthony Bourdain we would be the right people to taste-test her panna cotta and opine. Fai was totally delighted, sort of sideways in the space with Cass steadying him, she was talking but he was scripting, if that makes sense. Good for him, good for them. But I still want ribs. :)


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